hey chicks, are we there yet?

How could I have miscounted how old my chicks are? I just went back over the calendar and they are 14 weeks old this week. I was off about 3 weeks. I must be losing my mind? This is good news, because I am so anxious for them to start laying some damn eggs. I’ve got […]


black australorp 10 weeks

chicks at 10 weeks

With the help of an Instagram friend I have decided to name this black Australorp chick Frieda Kahlo. It’s a very appropriate name. Don’t you agree? I was pretty excited to get this snapshot with my phone. It’s hard to capture the black chick’s details. The camera has a hard time focusing with all that black. Doesn’t it […]

9 1/2 weeks

Don’t get excited (or disgusted). This post will not contain chicken porn and video taping. (Remember that movie?) The girls are spending more and more time perching on their roosts. the bird on the left I have named Eunice Westphal. She’s a Black Sex Link, the only one. I’m still working on monikers for the […]


Sunny morn

8 week chicks

My chicks are sassy in the morning. My Barred Rocks are so sweet as are the Black Australorps. This one is an ISA Brown. At first I thought these were going to be ugly, but the bigger they get, the prettier they get. The hatchery said they’ve been referred to as “Golden Comet”. I like that. Their […]

spring planting

I’m behind. Between the cold weather and the rain here, I am so behind on planting my annuals and vegetable garden. This was just one day’s worth of rain. I try to buy flats of my annuals. For me, the instant gratification of color and quantity is worth the money I spend every year. My go-to […]


pretty bird

seven week tricks

I came out to the coop this week to find my chicks perching on their roosts in and out of the coop. So fun to see weekly developments. Their molt continues with feathers in every corner. I’ve got ‘em eating out of my hand. My Buff Orpington’s are by far the largest of all the […]